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4.8.05 We launched our corporate website into phase II. We hope you would enjoy the added information and functionality.


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ComputerAge solution, LLC is privately owned and managed by team of dedicated and focused IT professionals for Small/Medium size business IT needs. We understand keeping up with technology innovations is a major challenge as Information Technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. We positioned our resources in the center of balancing this for our clients so they can focus more on their true core business mission.

Providing rock-solid security and fulfilling most business IT needs are even more challenging, especially for small businesses and network administrators with limited IT resources. We specialize in an on-going and pro-active total IT services and Integration; System and Desktop Management; Security Vulnerabilities Assessments; and special IT Project needs for our clients. We are your technology department with equilibrium balance of Time, Quality and Budget. Simply say, ComputerAge Solutions, LLC is “Your IT department company” with strategic alliance. We would like to provide you a virtual IT department with the same benefit of in-sourced IT solutions for your small/medium size business at an affordable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and satisfied Return On Investment (ROI). ComputerAge Solutions, LLC has partnered with selected industry flagship companies to make these a reality.


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