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We Provide IT Department Solutions for your Small Business.

1. What is the IT Department Solution program? ITDS
2. What problems does the IT Department Solution program solve?
3. How is the IT Department Solution program different?
4. Summary of IT Department Solutions program
5. Getting Started

1. What is IT Department Solution Program? ITDS
The IT Department Solution program is an innovative computer support Solution built and customized to meet the specific needs of small businesses day-to-day computing needs. Small businesses are faced with challenges of running their core business operations much less the computing environment making it a platform. We understand and we want to help alleviate the headache even as small as the headache.

• We Are Local: All customers are near our office. This means that we are responsive, efficient and always close-by.

• The Solution is Affordable: Cost savings resulting from our business model allow us to offer rates that are affordable for small business owners and not compromise quality.

• The Process is Well Managed: The program has strong management controls built-in that ensure consistently superior results.

• Small Business-IT Provider: Our commitment is building long-term relationships with the community local small businesses.

• Your One Stop IT Department Company: We provide Total IT and Telecommunication convergence solutions for your company.

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2. What problems does the Managed Solution Program solve?
Managing a computer system is an increasingly difficult challenge for a small business. As a result, most small businesses regularly face these problems:

• Continual "break-fix" crisis management
• No coherent or pro-active planning
• No documentation
• Insufficient security
• No management control
• No dedicated and accountable qualified IT specialist
• Decreased return on expenditures
• Computer assets at greater risk

The IT Department Solution program is designed to address these issues
pro-actively. The program ensures a structured Solution delivery process that emphasizes continuous communication with management and thorough documentation of work. The results of the program have many benefits:

• High risk issues are identified and eliminated early on
• Planning and root cause problem resolution reduce
unplanned activities and expenditure
• Technology projections and proper budgeting
• Advanced scheduling of support activities reduces costs
• Regular monitoring improves consistency of operations
• Management regularly informed of system status
• Strategic Technology Consulting
• Higher returns on the computer investments are achieved

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3. How is the IT Department Solution program different?
It’s not just a sales pitch. Most providers claim to deliver similar Solutions. Yet, they don’t have a business and delivery system to fulfill their promises. The ITDS program is built from the ground up to address the specific needs of small businesses with our proprietary business process.


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4. Summary of Managed Solutions:
• Regularly scheduled Solutions, from once a month to every day.
• A dedicated IT engineer assigned to your company.
• Alert Notification Solutions.
• Procurement Solutions.
• Management Solutions.
• Complete workstation and network documentation.
• Task List review with your IT engineer to ensure all open work items are prioritized and completed.
• Solutions reports delivered to you on every visit.

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5. Getting Started
Call us today at 480-883-6405 to learn more about the Managed Solution Program and other Integration Technologies offerings. Click here to sign up for your Network Assessment.

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