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What is Information Technology Professional Staffing?

What Problem does ITPS Solves?
What is the benefit of ITPS?
Getting Started

1. What is ITPS
It is a temporary employment solution to augment the current technology workforce of any business. With the changing world of technology and the skill sets required to effectively manage technology; often lots of times it is difficult to train and retain a permanent employee within a company’s workforce for numbers of factors. With a temporary employee leasing program, ComputerAge can provide any level of IT personnel with the right skill sets for your short and long-term projects.

2. What Problem does ITPS Solves?

  • Turn-over headaches
  • Short-term needs without commitments.
  • Skills selection choice pool

3. What is the benefit of ITPS?

  • No added company benefit obligations
  • As needed basis without long-term commitments.

4. Getting Started.
Call us today at 480-883-6405 to learn more about our Information Technology Professional Staffing and other solutions or click here for more Inquiry.

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