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Step #1: Business Interview
Getting to know your business. We perform interviews with key company personnel to learn about your business, priorities, goals and needs. The objective is to develop an understanding of your business and determine if our program
is a good fit.

Step #2: Technical Inspection
Evaluate the technical health of the computer systems. A network consultant performs an on-site assessment of your computer system.

Step #3: Inspection Review
Generate a written report. The output of the first two steps is a report that describes elements of risk and issues that impact productivity. The findings are reviewed and recommendations necessary to achieve a "Baseline" are discussed.

Step #4: Baseline Phase
Resolve the highest priority issues. Resolution is required to prepare the environment to be efficiently managed. High priority issues typically addressed in this phase include:

  • Problems with the backup system
  • Addressing major security concerns
  •  Fixing network configuration problems that cause the system to be unreliable
  •  Developing a base set of system documentation
  •  Achieving Baseline provides a reference point for managing the system. Additionally, the cost of support is lowered because many reoccurring problems are eliminated.

Step #5: Management and Maintenance
Once Baseline is reached we are able to deliver a majority of the necessary management, maintenance and support Solutions during regularly scheduled on-site visits.The Solutions Team Manager, your point of contact coordinates delivery. The Solutions Team Manager also regularly monitors and reviews work performed, openitems, new tasks, work priorities, scheduling, documentation, and other needs of the company. Effective management minimizes unscheduled activities, which lowers the cost of support.

Step #6: Improvements
Everything is running smoothly. The foundation is in place. Now is the time to consider system enhancements to improve reliability and productivity.


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